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West High School Alumni Hall

Congratulations to All Alumni Hall Inductees, and those who have made us Proud to be Pioneers!

West High Trades Scholarships

The 50th reunion committee decided, with the help of a counselor at West High School, to help students who cannot afford the tuition or materials they need in order to go to a trade school or job apprenticeship. This may include books, special clothes or boots, etc. Class of '71 donated  $1500! Thank you for your generosity!

 These are the recipients for 2021-2022

Kimberly Rader

Kimberly Rader is a member of the Class of 2022 and plans to attend a university to study Radiologic Technology. At West, Kimberly is involved in Hispanic American Leadership Organization (HALO), Student Leadership Council, AVID, Cheer, and National Honor Society. Kimberly spoke highly of her time at West in her scholarship essay and told the following story; “Once a woman asked me what school I went to. As the word “West” was said, her face fell…There is a misconception that West High is not a “good school.” This is further from the truth. West High has many distinguished graduates, despite being considered a “lower-income” school. West High has several programs and resources to help students be successful in life, such as AVID. The most valuable lessons AVID has taught me are: how to organize my time, study efficiently, and how to collaborate with my peers”. Kimberly goes on to describe the many other resources she has received at West. She ends with this message many students can agree with, “because of West’s resources I am prepared to transition to my next years of learning in college”.  


Alicia Reyes

Alicia is a member of the Class of 2022 and plans to attend Wichita State University. She would like to study business so she can help her family’s two growing businesses. Alicia has been very involved at West High School. She is the Vice President of Hispanic American Leadership Organization (HALO), and a member of Student Leadership Council, Educators Rising, the Pep Assembly Committee, and Marching Band. In her scholarship application she says, “West High has taught me to never give up on my dreams and keep pushing”.



Cesar Sillas

Cesar Sillas is a member of the Class of 2022 and plans to be a welder after high school. He is considering WSU Tech to further his skills. He would like to be a welder because there is a high demand and he already is skilled in the field due to his courses at West High. Cesar says that West High has prepared him with “programs and classes, like the welding program. It has taught me how much the industry will grow…and all of the financial benefits”.


Thank you for your generous donations to help West High Pioneers continue to excel!